About Us

The GUNPOWDERSTUDIO is an intimate two story multifunctional contemporary space situated on Het Hembrugterrein. 


The Hembrugterrein was formally the Amsterdam munitions factory and arsenal dating back to 1897.

It's location is on the outskirts of the old city of Amsterdam but within the Stelling van Amsterdam - the cities outer

ring of fortifications. This location allows easy access from the city but also by car from the A10.


The Hembrugterrein is a mix of creative entrepreneurs and commercial businesses.

 Unlike other regeneration projects, the Hembrugterrein still retains a strong feeling of industrial decay. Wild flowers can be found growing between the restored buildings.


 The GUNPOWDERSTUDIO building was formally known as the Carbidgebouw (Carbide Building). Constructed in 1938 the building housed the Calcium Carbide facility used to produce acetylene gas that powered the lighting for

the munitions complex. Acetylene gas systems were a common means of powering lighting in areas away from the electricity grid in the mid 20th century. Although it did pose certain safety hazards, not ideal for a munitions plant.


 Although the GUNPOWDERSTUDIO has been carefully renovated, it retains a raw, industrial feel and is by and

large kept in its original state. The floor space is 125 m2 divided over 2 floors. Ideal for photo shoots, presentations, events, vernissages etc…


The space is available as space only or you can work with our creative team to maximise the use of the location.


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